Basic information about journal

CA Systems in Production Process Planning is issued byDepartment of Measurement and Automation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zilina, Slovakia and by Cracow University of Technology Production engineering institute Cracow, Poland

On the beginning was the idea to utilise a WEB page on quick information exchange between the universities in Zilina and Cracow. Afterward in some discussion originate the intention to issue electronic journal.

The WEB Journal deals with problems associated with user applications, development and scientific affairs of CA Systems in Production Process Planning.
The Journal is a forum for exchange of the experience between the scientific workers interested in the development and implementation of CA systems in mechanical engineering.
We would like to invite you papers oriented to the journal topics.

All papers are reviewed and autors recieve the acceptation letter confirmed by Scientific Editorial Board.
Selected paper will be published on the end of 1998 or on 1999 year in book titled
CA Systems in Production Process Planning
Futher information, questions you can obtain on following e-mail: